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Sugar, Buzz Words, Weight Loss & You!


Clients say: “I want to lose weight!” I say, “how is your nutrition?” Generally, the immediate response is…“ I eat really healthy, I seldomly have sugar…” They tell me what they’ve had, & think its “healthy.” Hell, that’s what I USE TO THINK about the food that I ate!! What I’ve realized is, that most people think they are staying away from sugar, based on labels, packaging and misguided information. We go to the store, and we see a label that says “Sugar Free, or “No Sugar”… What does that mean? Is it really sugar-free? Companies strategically word their products to deceive us…Sugar is far from simple, but here is a quick guide to recognizing sugar on labels…. In this blog I will:

  1. Help You Identify The Different Types Of Sugar.
  2. Provide Some Key Words For Sugar & Top “Trick Words,” So You Won’t Be Fooled Again.
  3. Provide A Terse Explanation of The Damaging Effects Of Processed Sugar.
  4. A Brief Explanation of How Sugar Is Processed In The Body & What That Means For You & Your Weight Loss?

Different Types of Sugars

Processed Sugars including Sugar Alcohols:


  • High Fructose Corn Syrup = STAY AWAY
  • Agave Nectar/Agave = STAY AWAY
  • Corn Syrup = STAY AWAY
  • Molasses = Darker Molasses is OK in Moderation
  • Dextrose = STAY AWAY
  • Brown Sugar = Organic Brown Sugar in Moderation
  • Beet Sugar = STAY AWAY
  • Table Sugar = STAY AWAY
  • Maltose = Use Sparingly
  • Alcohol Sugars = Use Sparingly in Low Doses

Artificial Sweeteners:

These highly chemically processed sweeteners, when consumed excessively, have been proven to have horrible effects on the body, wrecking your intestinal flora, damaging your nervous system, inducing numerous chronic & fatal diseases.

For your fat loss: These ARTIFICIAL sugars are toxic and cause you to have cravings for carbs, and for more sugar, just like a dope fiend. Our Bodies are incredible, but they were NOT made to manage Artificially Sweetened Substances.


Natural Sugars:


  • Honey: YAAS HONEY! (In Moderation)
  • Maple Syrup: Okay (In Moderation) Real Maple Syrup not “Maple Syrup Flavor”
  • Evaporated Cane Juice: Okay (In Moderation)




“NOT ALL SUGAR IS CREATED EQUAL” (In Short) Sugar goes into your GI Tract, shoots to the liver where it’s converted into glucose and fructose, your liver takes what it needs, and then distributes the rest accordingly. Our bodies metabolize all sugars the same way, and they eventually reach our livers. (Who woulda thought?) Well, if it’s metabolized the same way, why not eat ANY sugar I want? All sugar is not created equal, processed & artificial sweeteners have low to no nutritional value, and it’s been suggested through multiple studies that once in the body, chemically, they have added damaging effects to the body creating disease & illness.

LET’S BE REAL… we’re going to eat sugar…“Most people should get no more than 50g of added fructose per day,” but “the average Adult American diet gets 20% of their daily energy from added sweeteners,” which means we’re eating loads of processed foods w/extra sugar. So What Does This Mean For My Weight Loss? When we take in too much sugar, the body continues to absorb it and it gets pushed into the muscles for glycogen, a short-term storage, that helps us exercise, and the rest gets stored as fat, in long-term storage. Taking in too much sugar will be detrimental to your weight loss & health.

As an athlete, I didn’t know much about nutrition, I trained twice a day, plus lifting. For the longest time, I never knew why I didn’t have ABS! I was like “Come On, I WORK OUT.!?!?!” But, I use to eat COMPLETE CRAP! Tons of sugar! I’ve ALWAYS had a sweet tooth, #THANKSDAD & I fueled myself w/cereals, & fast food, (SUPER PROCESSED FOODS) “I was younger & had a faster metabolism.” In my mind, “ I got away with it.” I remember once in high school, I ate an entire loaf of bread in a day, I had found that delightfully perfect combo of toast w/Land O’Lakes butter + strawberry jam… My mom was SO pissed when she got home & there was no bread lol …. Another time, I had a cheeseburger eating contest at Burger King and ate 11 cheeseburgers back to back, and didn’t even puke or want to. <—-I’m talking REAL DEAL CRAP! AND COLLEGE?! <—-FORGET ABOUT IT, BROKE DAYS, WHEN I WASN’T TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE TO TAKE ME ON A DATE, SO I COULD GET FREE DINNER… I WAS MOBBING DOWN WHOLE MEDIUM PIZZA’S FROM BLACK JACK PIZZA (Arizona Reference) FOR $5.00 b/c I spent most of my money at Forever 21. Okay, enough of that rant, but I didn’t start eating “better,” until the last couple years of my professional career…and, well… This brings me to why I wrote this blog… because my “better” was the same “ I eat healthy,” that many of the clients tell me…(but it wasn’t really healthy) There were so many things I didn’t know or pay attention to, until I became a personal trainer. (Just think how much better I could have fueled my body, and the effect that could have had, not only on my abs aesthetically, but on my performance as well.)

I am not a nutritionist or a dietician, but hopefully now, you’ll have a general understanding of how sugar is metabolized, and start to recognize the “key words,” for sugar, so you can make informed decisions about what products you’re putting into your body.

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